Monday, August 1, 2011

Resources Available at Michigan Government Website

I did some fishing around the state of Michigan's education website and found a handful of resources available.  Below are just a sampling (I'd estimate less than 5%) of what I found, and the documents I thought would be most useful for me.  If you're a teacher, explore around and you'll probably find options available for you too!

Curriculum Documents: 
1. Michigan Merit Curriculum Science Standards by subject (Physics)
2. Michigan Merit Curriculum Math Standards by subject (Algebra)

1. M.O.R.E. (
Michigan Online Resources for Educators website aims to put more TECH into TEaCHing. It is connected to the Michigan eLibrary. The MORE library contains thousands of online materials filtered primarily into four types: assessments, lesson plans, online interactive, and videos. It contain material for subjects. It is searchable by subject, by type of activity, and even by standard.

2. Writing Across the Curriculum: Mathematics (pdf file)
A 30-page document that provides lots of ideas on implementing writing in a math class. Of special value is the description of dozens of specific strategies, such as CALLA, GIST, Quick Write, Argumentation, and more. A similar and larger guide exists for science (pdf file)

3. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (Link)
Another library of tech tools, this one contains links to math JAVA applets, separated by grade level and subject area. Topics include numbers and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis, and probability. Some manipulatives I would consider using are
· Unit Conversion Practice
· Box and Whiskers / Histogram Maker
· Scatterplots and Correlation
· Grapher, a tool for graphing and exploring functions
· Algebra Tiles
· Line Plotter

4. SVSU Science Internet Sites (Maser)
A collection of websites, separated and sorted according to the Michigan Curriculum science benchmarks and content expectations. Each individual content standard, in each subject area has a handful of sites available, with descriptions available. I could easily use these as additional resources for my physics students, or for supplemental or differentiation options.

5. Objective Bookmarks (Chemistry and Physics)
A simple printable bookmark containing a checklist of the main objectives for the class.

6. Math Graduation Law (FAQ)
A description of the law requiring four credits of math in highschool, and a handful of the most common questions about exceptions and alternative options available.

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