Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Math Series

This summer, I am embarking on a goal of writing a post a day on various math and science topics.  I suspect I will begin with my first official posts on Monday June 11, unless I wait until the solstice on the 20th. I have a handful of ideas already, but am still composing a list -- feel free to list in the comments below any ideas of your own.  I have 26 ideas, and would hope to fill 50 posts worth -- so I need more!

I hope to do a handful of mini-series. One would be on the many patterns and uses of Pascal's triangle. Another would be on Astronomical Measurements, and how we can calculate things like Jupiter's mass based on the orbits of its moons, or the distance to the Sun from observing a transit of Venus.

The topics should be manageable for the most part for students with Algebra 2 experience -- but certainly some topics will be easier than that, and others more difficult. Some physics concepts will creep in and out too -- but would be explained if needed.


  1. I'm sure I'll read most anything you write, but my favorites will probably be anything about astronomy. :)

  2. This summer as a math tutor i gave summer homework to my students on algebra,polynomials,decimal fractions I hope summer home work will keep them busy in education.


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