Monday, January 7, 2013

Keyboard Shortcuts

While teaching some women at church how to do things in PowerPoint, I realized there are a lot of keyboard shortcuts that I use on a daily basis and take for granted. This post is just my attempt to list them all in one place. There are way more than this, and other websites may have a more complete list, but these are the ones that I use on a daily/weekly basis.

If a sibling of mine wants to do a similar thing for Mac's, I would link to it here, or eventually when I have to learn a mac, I'll write a Mac for Windows Users guide.

   Alt-Tab - switches from program to program quickly
   Ctrl-Tab - in programs with "tabs" like internet browsers it switches tabs
   Win-Up - Makes a program maximized
   Win-Left - Makes a program take up just the left half of the screen
   Win-Right - Makes a program take up just the right half of the screen
   Win-D - Minimizes everything so you just see your desktop
   Win-Tab - Cycles through your programs like Alt-Tab, but differently
   Ctrl-MouseWheel - Zooms in or out
   PrintScreen - Takes a screen shot of the screen and stores it on the clipboard
   Alt-F4 (don't do this one now!) closes your current program
   Ctrl-F  - Finds a word or phrase on a page

   Shift-Arrows - Selects words, text, cells, slides, etc.
   Shift-Click - Selects everything from your last click till now.
   Ctrl-Click - Adds whatever you clicked to the selection
   Right-Click - Brings up a list of different options
   Right-Click and Drag - Brings up a list of options for dragging, usually move, copy, or Create-Shortcut

Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and many other programs:
  Ctrl-X - cut
  Ctrl-C - Copy
  Ctrl-V - Paste (yes, v is paste because P is print)
  Ctrl-S - Save
  Ctrl-A - Selects (all) everything on a page or file
  Ctrl-Z - Undo!! Gets rid of the last thing you did -- like making a mistake
  Ctrl-R - Right aligns things
  Ctrl-E - Center aligns things
  Ctrl-L - Left Aligns things
  Ctrl-B - Bolds
  Ctrl-I - Italicize
  Ctrl-U - Underlines
  Ctrl-K - Makes something a hyperlink

  F9 - Recalculates all cells - useful if you have random digits in some cells

   F5 - Starts running the powerpoint
   Ctrl-F5 - Starts running the powerpoint from the current slide
   B - puts a blank slide up while running powerpoint
   Ctrl-M - creates a new slide

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