Friday, December 26, 2014

Customized Morse Code Vibration Text Alerts

So, have you ever felt your butt vibrate and thought -- hmm, I got a text.  Who is it from?  Do I need to check it right now and risk getting:
  a.) caught by my teacher
  b.) caught by my kids
  c.) caught by the others in the meeting?
Wouldn't it be nice to know who's it from at least?

The other day I was playing with settings on my new phone and found the solution.  I noticed that I could create my own custom vibration patterns. You can also assign different vibrations to texts received from different people. Some how inspiration struck to assign my top texting contacts each a unique vibration pattern.

Unfortunately, there weren't very many vibrations patterns to choose from, until I saw that I could create my own -- and then I decided I would use Morse Code with my contacts initials, so I could know who was texting.

Here's a picture of morse code if you don't already have it memorized. I don't have all of it memorized by the way -- but I know many of them.  I found it helpful at first to learn key words to help me memorized the dots and dashes.  CAL-i-FORN-ia for instance helped me remember C's pattern of -.-.

To create a personalized vibration pattern on an iPhone:
  1. Create the vibration pattern:
      -->Settings-->Ring Tone (Or Text Tone) --> Vibration --> Create New Vibration

      Then tap out the pattern you'd like. It does't have to be Morse Code -- I just found that convenient and cool, so I used that. For people that text you regularly, I would recommend something short -- for my wife, I at first had her whole name -- but that got annoying really quick when my butt would vibrate for three or four seconds whenever she texted.  Now it's just C:  -.-.

  2. Assign it to a particular contact
     -->Contacts-->Find the persons name
     OR -->Search for their name.
    Then edit and look for Text Tone and Vibration.

You can assign different text tones for different people here -- which is the sound it makes when they text you.  Since my phone is almost always on vibrate though, I don't bother to do that. 

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