Tuesday, January 31, 2012


  • I CAN celebrate my unique strengths and abilities
  • I CAN choose to dwell on the positives
  • I CAN treat everyone with respect even if I’m angry or disagree with them
  • I CAN take responsibility for my actions without making excuses or blaming others
  • I CAN choose my attitude and behavior, no matter what happens to me
  • I CAN make things happen for me instead of watching them happen to me
  • I CAN encourage myself with positive words
  • I CAN choose to try and learn from my mistakes instead of being paralyzed by what-ifs
  • I CAN set goals that are achievable and worthwhile
  • I CAN see myself being what I know I want later, by sacrificing what I feel I want now

1 comment:

  1. Yes you CAN!! :-). I am proud to call you my brother. And you are an amazing man, a great teacher, a wonderful husband and a loving father. You are very skilled.


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