Friday, January 27, 2012

Some Systems Videos

Hey guys,

It's been a while since I've posted anything since I've been working especially hard creating a lot of videos for my classes at school.  I'm now back into a flipped unit in physics, studying Torque and rotation with my students. If you're curious, you can follow the unit at our class website. I am creating this unit as a sample of a flipped unit for my Masters project at Cornerstone University, so I'm taking more time perfecting it than I normally might -- thinking about tying all the things I've learned together.

I've also recently created several videos for my algebra 1 students.  Though I am not flipping that class -- I do have a lot of students who are absent a lot, and I thought it might be worth it for those students for me to post videos of the lectures online.  Since I already have all my equipment up and out and ready for my physics classes, I talked through my algebra lessons too and here are those videos:

This is an introduction to systems of equations, and my explanation of the graphing method of solving systems:

Here's the substitution method, which we'll be studying next week -- I like the colors in this video -- it turned out pretty:
And here's the elimination method, or what my text book calls "linear combinations".  Elimination is a much sweeter name.
This is probably one of my favorite lessons to teach -- I just think the combining equations and one variable disappearing is a beautiful magic trick -- makes me feel like a mathmagician, as some of my students say.  The only thing cooler than adding two equations together and having variables cancel out, is dividing two equations together and having variables cancel out, a trick I often do in physics, especially when sine and cosine values are around.

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  1. I still prefer the Substitution Method. ;) Great job on the videos!


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