Friday, October 19, 2012

Notes and Links from MANS Conference

Image of of my blog, made in Tagxedo.
The past few days I have been attending a teacher's conference, and this post is an assorted list of links and brief descriptions of some of the things I heard about and might want to look into more deeply:

Scoop.It: A networking and bookmarking tool -- seemed like Pinterest for teachers.
Twitter: I already have an account and you can follow me @rockyroer
iEar: list of teacher reviewed apps for education.

Storybird: Website for making story books, which was very easy to pull in beautiful artwork
Fodey: Website for making student written news articles appear newsarticle-y.
Wordle: Create artwork from chunks of text, by frequency of word
Tagxedo: Similar to wordle, but you can use different shapes of words.
Voki: a website that can read text outloud, in many different voices, and languages.

Lulu: A self-publisher. Send your student work here and they can print off their own books and have it shipped to their house. Others can buy it too if you make it public.  Imagine someone in another state or country wanting a copy of your short stories or poems?  Or a grandparent who wants something special for Christmas?
Cafepress: Create your own ... T shirt? Coffee Mug? Purse? You name it! Imagine making your first graders painting off your fridge and keeping it forever on a plate?

   Lure of the Labrynth: A game that teaches algebra skills -- apparently quite involved
   Isle of Tune: A web game where users make cartoon maps, but as cars travel around and pass trees, houses, etc, music is played. Very impressive version that plays Don't Stop Believing
   iCivics: Many different games related to civics, government, and economics.

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