Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Calm Before The Storm

This morning, as I type in my grades at 4:45, I hear the wind begin rustling around the house. It's going to storm today -- big rains and 40mph winds expected. It's relatively quiet right now -- I can hear the clocks ticking away, and Ninja breathing on the sofa next to me. I can even hear Carrie breathing in the other room, poor girl is having trouble sleeping.

I realize that I'm experiencing a calm before the storm. I'm not ready to take my shower and move on with the day today -- I'm expecting it to be a tough day at school. I'm behind on grading, and only a day ahead with plans and assignments. Exam's and exam review guides are due Wed, and you guessed it -- not finished yet.

I realize I'm also facing a calm before the storm on another front. Carrie and I are quite comfortable taking care of ourselves, but any day now we will add another responsibility to our plates. Yesterday we watched as my cousin had to spank and "No" her son several times in the course of a meal. We watched as he slipped away from view during softball games, and ended up in the parking lot in front of and behind cars. I watched as he nearly fell over backwards out of her arms in front of me and my heart skipped a beat as I tried to catch him. I'm not ready to move into that storm. A car pulled in front of us on the way home and again my reflexes kicked in and startled me nearly to tears.

Well, its starting to rain, so I must be going.


  1. "It's almost like the hard times circle 'round
    A couple drops and they all start coming down
    Yeah, I might feel defeated,
    I might hang my head
    I might be barely breathing - but I'm not dead

    'Cause tomorrow's another day
    And I'm thirsty anyway
    So bring on the rain"

  2. Nice. I like these from Third Day:

    When the rain comes
    it seems that everyone has gone away
    When the night falls you wonder
    if you shouldn't find someplace
    To run and hide escape the pain
    But hiding's such a lonely thing to do

    I can't stop the rain
    From falling down on you again
    I can't stop the rain
    But I will hold you 'til it goes away

    Rest awhile
    it'll be alright
    No one loves you like I do
    When the rain comes
    I will hold you

  3. I like these ones, also the lyrics from Casting Crowns' 'I'll Praise You in This Storm'. I like these lyrics from 33 miles right now because it reminds me that God loves me, something I know, but something that I need to be reminded of frequently. An amazing thought that God finds us worthy of His love!

    I Loved You Then lyrics - 33 Miles

    Pain touches everyone
    Heartache falls on every heart
    And all of us go through the storm, it doesn’t matter who you are
    And you’re up against the wind, and you feel you’ve lost your way
    Listen to me say

    I loved you then, I love you now
    I will love you tomorrow
    When this world breaks you down
    I will give you strength to stand
    Look to me, take my hand and just believe
    Before this day ever began, I loved you then

    Time changes everything,
    Moments fly by like the wind
    You can try to hold on so tight but you’ll never get time back again
    You feel stuck with your mistakes, can’t turn anything around
    And it seems there’s no way out

    I won’t let you go, not even for a minute
    So don’t lose hope
    Pain touches everyone
    Heartache falls on every heart



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