Monday, May 3, 2010

Coping With My Wife's New Job

I've been spoiled -- for the last 5 years my wife and I have carpooled to work and back. It has been so wonderful to have 1.5 hours a day just sitting next to my wife. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we just sit and listen to the radio. Sometimes we play Wordominos, where you link one word to the next, and come up with a long chain like "marshmallow yellow snow mobile" and see how long a chain you can make it.

The last four weeks Carrie has spent more days at home -- and this week is her first full time week at home. The car rides have been so much quieter and longer now that she's not there.

But it's not all bad.... Today I came home to food on the table, which was great. And I think I will learn to appreciate being able to stay at school later and get more work done there-- hopefully I won't have to do as much at home in the future. I'm sure that any difficulties I have finding motivation to work at home now will simply be amplified once my baby girl has me wrapped around her finger. (Isn't her fingers going to be wrapped around mine? Oh well)


  1. all-ahead-full-count-to-tennis-ball-and-chain-ganggrene-eggs-and-hamburger-Patti-Heyboer's-head's-up-up-and-away-in-a-manGeronimo-ses!

    Love you! :D

  2. hahaha carrie thats a great wordimo!

  3. I remember that wordimo!


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