Monday, June 20, 2011

Ten Marks Math Program

Just read about Ten Marks website in the Free Tech For Teachers blog that I subscribe to.  I've never used it before, and certainly don't have time to fully check it out and make a complete recommendation, but the concept seemed really cool.  It looks as though students log-in regularly to practice math objectives.  They are given a series of problems which are linked to our state objectives.  The problems provide hints if the students are stuck, and best of all, links to videos teaching them how to do the problems.

The website can also give parents updates on how the students have done, and the progress they have made, and even set up a rewards program for motivating their growth (as if doing math for the sake of doing math isn't reward enough!)

Check it out if you're looking for more practice: Ten Marks

1 comment:

  1. Many glitches and the students feel the need to rush. At times it has nothing to do with what was taught. Most students go to fast to think and process the information. By the time they press their button to submit response, the question is gone.


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