Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TI-84 Emulator from WabbitEmu

Just added a program that I plan to use while making videos, a TI-84 emulator.  This program will do everything you can do on a Ti-84, including working with and saving variables and lists, programming, and drawing and analyzing graphs.  It looks just like a TI-84, and works by clicking on the buttons with the mouse, or by typing commands on the keyboard.

I already regularly use a TI-84 on a projector, but am excited to use this in my classroom as well, mostly because the students can literally see what buttons I pressed, instead of just relying on hearing and seeing what shows up on the screen.

This program also includes built in tools to take pictures of the screen and create GIF files, or create small animations of the screen.  Coupled with multiple skin variations, and the ability to type commands on the keyboard makes this a great find.

I can't wait to have my students use this on the SMART board this coming fall, where it will probably be about 4ft tall on the wall!  It will be sweet!

To download legally, you will need to own a TI-84, as well as have a USB connecting cable for it.  Downloading and installing the calculator was a bit of a challenge -- but I think the steps below summarize my efforts:
 1. Download the TI-Connect Software if you haven't already done so.  Connect the calculator and computer, install any necessary drivers, and be sure the computer and a TI-84 you own are communicating with each other.
 2. Download the Wabbitemu open source file
 3. Run the Wabbitemu installing program.  It will ask you to upload a program onto a TI-84 that you own which will create a ROM file.  This will then need to be transferred back to the computer.  Work with TI-Connect to transfer the programs and files to and from your calculator.   

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