Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review

Since all the cool bloggers (#1 and #2) are writing 2012 in review blog posts, I thought I would throw one out too.

A shot of the fam...

... and an assorted list of some of the important moments for me in this year:
  • I became a father - again!  Eleanor Gracelyn was born on August 4th - a date that had previously been quite painful for me - my mother past away on this date in 2004, but this year that date has new joy.  Ellie is now 5 months old and full of smiles and giggles, and spit up and crying.

  • I graduated! Again.  This year I completed my Master's degree from Cornerstone University. It was in  Instruction and Curriculum development in Secondary education. This blog is in no small part a product of that education, as I'm sure I wouldn't have started it without it. 
  • I flipped a class: I began using a new teaching technique, flipping the classroom, in my physics classes. This involves recording lessons that students watch as their "homework" which frees up class time for labs, projects, one-on-one tutoring, practice, ect. 
  • Finished a 100+ page project documenting a flipped unit and capstone-ing my Masters Degree 
  • Attended the Alive Music Festival with my wife and the youth group kids. Went to numerous concerts and seminars, and played a lot of guitar
  • Got new phones-that work! And an iPad. Been using a lot of new technology that has become very familiar to me now -- it's hard to think that it's only been a couple of months with it!
  • Watched a planet travel across the sun! And in general, learned a lot more about using telescopes through a good friend at church
  • Went sailing! My dad bought a hobie cat sailboat and we enjoyed getting stuck out there many times:

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